Located in the heart of New South Wales – Central West and Western Plains,
the company has a long previous history of being a leading Queen Bee and Package Bee producer and exporter in Australia.

Started as a sole-trader in the spring of 1979, Terry Brown (after the company
was established, Terry became a Managing Director of Browns Bees Australia
P/L) was producing, selling locally in Australia and exporting Queen Bees and 4
frame nucleus hives to Fiji.

The company was an active participant of the UNHCR aid programme to help
Afghan refugees in Northern Pakistan – sending package bees as part of this
aid programme.

In the mid-eighties Terry went to send large quantities of 5 frame nucs to
Middle East.

Terry started sending pallets of 4lb package bees instead of nucleus hives to
Middle East in the early nineties and by the mid 1990s the exporting market
countries included Korea, Canada, Dubai and Libya. The Queen Bee exporting
market expanded also and the bees went to France, Italy, Switzerland as well
as Canada.

In the past, the main exporting country for Browns Bees produced Queen
Bees and Package Bees is the USA. The first export shipment went to the West
Coast of US in February 2005 and since then developed into a
successful business relationship with regular clients and orders till export ceased in 2013.

Nowadays, Terry specialises in the production of fine honey comb products.